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International Payment at your Fingertip

Your trusted partner to successful global payments

International Payment

As a company or organisation, do you have to make international payments? The cost, the time, the tracking and the uncertainty of arrival are only a few of the worries associated with bulk payments. Our card and wallet programs permit you to achieve this task with minimal effort in a single time frame. Complete a payment batch load sheet and with one click of the mouse transfer your payments to anyone, anywhere, instantly at a fee that defies competition.

The Corporate Payment System

Ewallet Direct has developed a flexible international wallet and card program that allow distributing funds worldwide to any number of payees, in a time and cost effective way.

With our corporate payment system a company can provide  prepaid debit cards and wallet in USD, EUR, GBP or a number of other currencies to any of it’s member and transfer funds to them for commissions, salaries, dividends, travel expenses, payouts, etc…

Distribute funds to your members anywhere in the world onto their prepaid debit cards or their wallet.

Become the master of your own payment platform driven by Mastercard or Visa